Body massage at home

Body massage at home

Massage is a great experience and it feels heavenly. But some people think that it is a luxury to be enjoyed only once in a while.

Massage has great bodily benefits by massage your body stretches and loosens muscles to relieve tension.

A good massage can increasing circulation and lymph flow to eliminate toxins; resulting in boost in your immune system; lowering your heart rate; and stimulating the release of "feel-good" endorphins. So give your partner a massage today and enjoy it every week to stay fresh.

A massage is gathering all the massage supplies and create a relaxing atmosphere. If you are not expecting an important call then turn off your phones. Create an atmosphere by turning down the lights and put on some soothing music.

Light some Aromatherapy candle and choose massage oil or massage lotion which helps your hands to glide over skin during massage. You can use Aromatherapy massage products which are consists of essential oils to enhance your experience, helping ease muscle tension, soothe your senses or even invigorate your spirit.

Take lotion or oil between your hands and rub it to make it warm. Make sure your partner is in a comfortable position and then place your hands at the base of your partner's neck and move them down the length of his or her back, with one hand on either side of the spine.

Glide your hands back up to the neck, and gently knead the shoulders and other fleshy areas. Finish by applying a little drop of Aromatherapy oil over your partner's temples and circling your middle fingers over the area a few times.