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Top 5 Tips On Facebook Etiquette

Top 5 Tips On Facebook Etiquette
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“Helen, have you been noticing the onslaught of crazy things that people do on Facebook these days?”, asked Ronnie. “Yes, Ronnie. I’m so sick and tired of people not knowing and following proper Facebook etiquette, that sometimes I feel like quitting the web altogether!”, Helen said, exasperated. To know more about Facebook etiquettes that Ronnie and Helen are talking about, read on and enlighten yourself.

1. Friend poaching is a complete no-no

“It’s unbelievable how other people flout this Facebook etiquette and poach friends left, right and center without even letting you know!”, exclaimed Ronnie, who had a terrible experience of an acquaintance being interested in approaching her best friend. “That guy didn’t even ask me to introduce him to my best friend. He just befriended her on Facebook straight away”, complained Ronnie. This Facebook etiquette actually has the potential to ruin your friendship.

2. Do not put up hate pages

“I hate it when people don’t follow this simple Facebook etiquette”, said Helen. “Sure, you can vent your feelings on Facebook, but you can do that cordially, right?”, he added. “You’re right, Helen. It’s absolutely ridiculous when people forget all their mannerisms and start posting dirty hate stuff about their exes, celebrities, politicians or anything else under the sun”, replied Ronnie.

3. Don’t tag people in pictures without their permission

“But doesn’t everyone do this?”, asked Ronnie, surprised. “That’s the whole problem, Ronnie. A basic Facebook etiquette is to always ask a friend/acquaintance before you tag them in pictures. Who knows, they might not like the whole world to see what they look like or they may be using Facebook just to promote their business?”, said Helen. If you ponder over Helen’s Facebook etiquette a little more, you’ll find out that it actually makes a lot of sense.

4. Change in relationship status

“I had a crazy number of problems when I changed my relationship status to “committed” and my boyfriend still hadn’t. After the fights that happened between us, I swear to stick by the Facebook etiquette of not taking the liberty to make decisions on someone else’s behalf”, said Helen, sighing. All you people out there in a relationship, did you hear of this great Facebook etiquette? Don’t piss your partners off. If you’re going to include each other in your profiles, make sure you do it together.

5. Stop harassing everyone!

Helen and Ronnie both talked about this Facebook etiquette that we too very strongly agree with. Friends, understand that you’re there on Facebook to connect, interact, learn, find new friends and so on. You’re not on Facebook to constantly chat, poke, send mass spam comments and post minute by minute updates to your contacts. Did you know that because most people don’t implement this Facebook etiquette, many companies have started blocking Facebook at workplaces so that it doesn’t hamper employees’ productivity?

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