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How To Look Like A Celebrity?

How To Look Like A Celebrity?
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While watching those Red Carpet events and looking at those celebrity magazines, haven’t you secretly wished to look like one of those Hollywood stunners? Don’t you envy those pretty lulus who show up looking nothing less than perfect all the time? Well obviously their look is backed by rigid beauty regimens, strict diet plans and makeup routines that go on for hours. Fortunately you don’t need to spend hours dressing up to look like a thousand bucks each time you make your entrance. Use these top 7 tips from us and you will look nothing less than a celebrity.

1. Pick your trademark style

Almost all celebrities have a particular signature or trademark style sequence that they follow. While for girls like Kristen Stewart, dressing up like a tomboy is their signature style, for others like Demi Lovato putting on a more girly apparel happens to fit the bill. Similarly Avril Lavigne’s style is gothic, Taylor Swift’s style is feminine and Selena Gomez’s style is natural. Whatever their signature style happens to be, they look nothing less than fabulous. So find out what is your signature style and make sure that you stick to it. You can pick from something like Indie, sporty, gothic, elegant or messy; whatever you pick, make sure that it suits you really well. Soon you’ll be known for your own personal trademark style.

2. Put on some makeup

We would like to leak out a little celebrity secret to you. ‘When they are out, celebrities happen to wear makeup all the time. Even when it appears that they are not wearing any!’ Surprised? They never know when the paparazzi will catch them, right? So they always have to be looking their optimum best. Hence for occasions, it is completely okay to spend hours wearing makeup. Even on casual days, see that you are always wearing nude makeup to cover your flaws and highlight your best features.

3. Shop whenever you get the chance

Another common celebrity characteristic is that they always seem to have more clothes and accessories than you can even remember. Hence see that you overflow your wardrobe with stunning clothes and accessories, each carefully picked and each matching your trademark style. Also see that you work a tad harder in the accessory department. For example, if earlier you would buy one black colored belt and wear it with most of your jeans, try to buy a different belt for different jeans from now on. Similarly, use more accessories whenever possible. Head gears, headbands, shoes, socks, stockings, jewelry and scarfs; you have so much to pick from.

4. Get a flattering figure

I know there are lots of fat celebrities around, but seriously do you wanna look like one of them? If you want to look like someone whom others would naturally get gravitated towards, as far as possible try to get in shape. Work towards getting a flattering figure, the kind that the boys would be mesmerized with and the girls would envy. There are so many celebrities out there from whom you can get inspired on weighty issues.

5. Take care of your skin

Most celebrities have beautiful skin so see that you take really good care of yours. Don’t ignore acne and wrinkle issues; work on them. Add an extra bottle of water to your daily dose of liquids to attain that glow from within. Also see that you replace the junk you consume with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. You may even consult a dermatologist to make your skin look even better. Celebrities do that all the time.

6. Groom your tresses

It is said that a girl’s hair can totally transform the way she looks. Celebrities take good use of this fact. You will always spot them taking an extra effort to groom their hair well. If you want to look like one of them, then you will have to do the same. There are so many different hairdos and hair colors that you can pick from. Choose a hairstyle that suits you and your signature style perfectly well.

7. Be yourself

Last but not the least, if you just imitate another celeb, you will never be able to find a place for yourself in the celebrity world. If you want to stand out, you will have to be different from the rest. No two people are the same. We’re sure even you are different. So just follow your own style and you’ll automatically look amazing.
Once you start following these tips, don’t be surprised if someone comes up to you asking for your autograph.

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