Friday, April 13, 2012

5 Ways To Make A Guy Jealous

5 Ways To Make A Guy Jealous
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Guys are often insecure creatures. It is not too hard to get the green-eyed monster alive in them. Especially when they are attracted to you, the job is 80% simpler. Here are 5 easy ways how to make a guy jealous.

1. Learn to love yourself

You cannot get somebody else to envy you, unless you yourself have a high opinion about yourself. Hence, this is very important. Learn to love yourself and walk with confidence. Confidence is one of the thing that can enhance your sex appeal.

2. Be the ‘beauty-with-brains’ in his life

Only good looks is not sufficient. Guys like girls also have the brains to match up with that. Don’t come across as a bimbo, show him that you are smart and independent to take care of yourself. Nothing can shake a guy’s ego than a girl who does not need any help from him.

3. Have fun and make sure he knows about it

Be a happy-go-lucky girl and make your life a lot of fun. Don’t sit and whine if he doesn’t give you time. Occupy yourself in things that are more fun than the things he does. Call your girl friends up and spend the day shopping or at the spa. Once he realizes that you can have a great time even when you are not around him, he is sure to burn with jealousy.

4. Don’t shower him with too much attention

Show him that there is a lot in life besides him. Stop begging for him to spend time with you. If he has plans, make yours as well. Learn to have fun without him. You will always find him hanging behind you for attention.

5. Flirt a little

Finally, flirt with other guys out there. There is nothing that makes a guy go green with envy faster than a girl he is attracted to flirting with someone else. However, make sure it is healthy flirting. Whatever happens, don’t go too overboard. Or else his jealousy may lead him to a completely different level that you certainly weren’t hoping for.
Jealousy is a very dangerous weapon. So use it, only if absolutely necessary. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t overdo it or make it very obvious. The secret to make a guy jealous is, him totally having no clue what-so-ever your plan is. If he comes to know about it, it will not work. So make sure you use this weapon with caution and only if really required.

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