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11 Signs That He Loves You

11 Signs That He Loves You
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Does he truly love you? Does he mean it when he kisses you on the forehead every day? In every relationship, we want to know if the love we receive is genuine. So what are the signs that your boyfriend or husband really loves you? Take a look at the top 11 signs that he loves you.
1. When someone truly loves you, they channel all their emotions and strength into the relationship. When you feel that your partner feels immensely weak when you have done something to hurt him, then it is a sign that your partner has put all his might into the relationship.
2. Shared joy is doubled joy. When your partner finds more happiness in your achievement than his, then you know for a fact that his feelings for you are genuine. When he spends all his savings on an exquisite piece of jewelry and not that gadget he has been dreaming of, you know that you’re with the right person.
3. When you love someone, you love everything about them. Generally guys prefer action movies and hate sappy romantic movies. But when he watches them just so you don’t have to watch them alone, then you can be sure that he loves you.
4. When you feel someone is the perfect person for you, like someone who stepped out of a dream, or if your partner feels that way about you, then look no more for you have found a divine match.
5. When you fall in love with someone, the worst fear is of losing them. When someone is afraid to do something that will hurt you or jeopardize his relationship with you, then you can be certain that he wants this as much as you do.
6. He could be a chain smoker, the worst person on earth or a bad guy. But if he gives up all of his bad attributes just so he could be a better person in your eyes, then consider yourself one of the luckiest women.

7. Does he talk about his plans for the two of you, the engagement, the marriage, and the names of the kids? Does he think of true and attainable plans that work? If the answers are positive, then consider yourself blessed.
8. When he is always the last person to sleep because he spends hours staring at you sleep or when he keeps brushing your hair and looking into your eyes, you know that he really loves you.
9. When he plans his schedule according to yours, or when he makes it a point to spend as much time as he can with you, then you can be sure that he loves you.
10. We all have a sense of pride and ego in us but when we love someone truly, we don’t mind compromising our ego, pride and happiness for the other person’s happiness. If he is doing the same thing for you, showing lots of love and maturity when you wish to have your say, then it means he loves you.
11. You can tell for sure that your man loves you if he loves to be with your family. When he is happy to meet your family and friends and also lets you meet his family and friends, then it is a sure sign that he is truly in love with you.

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