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10 Ways To Know If A Guy Likes You

10 Ways To Know If A Guy Likes You
10 Ways To Know If A Guy Likes You
You meet a guy and your heart does a flip. For you, it is love at first sight. On the other hand, you do not know whether he is interested in you or not. Such a situation is frustrating enough to drive a girl crazy. However, there are certain signs that generally betray the calm facade that guys adopt to mislead girls they like. So to get your answers, keep your eyes open for these ten signs to find out if the guy is interested in you or not.

1. He keeps glancing at you

You may be in one corner of the room, but you can feel his gaze on you all the time. When you look back at him, he would either look away instantaneously or give you a warm smile. Sounds familiar? You might just have someone very interested in you. When a guy likes a girl, he just would not be able to stay without glancing at her at least once. It is also common for guys to have their eye brows raised and lips slightly parted when they look at the girl they like. This is one of the most common give-away for guys.

2. He looks at you straight in the eye

If a guy is genuinely interested in you, he would look straight into your eyes and nowhere else. His looks would penetrate deep within you and his eyes would radiate warmth. Most often, you would see the corners of the lips go up in a slight smile whenever he’s looking at you.

3. He teases you and makes you laugh

When a guy is interested in you, you would find him constantly searching for reasons to make you laugh. Whether it is imitating you, teasing you or cracking jokes at his expense, he will make sure that every moment that you are together is one that he makes memorable. There will be no lack of entertainment when the two of you are together.

4. He treats you differently from others

Another common give-away for a guy is when he acts differently in front of you. Most of the times, guys do not tend to open up easily. They may be different in front of the other guys and be just like anyone of them. But when they are with the girl they like, they would be different. If your man loves you, he would try and make you feel special in all possible ways and speak softly when he speaks to you or about you.

5. He gets jealous with the mention of other male friends

This is where the alpha male qualities step in. The golden rule here is that “Guys don’t like other male members in their territory”. He would be very protective about you and would not like other guys to be anywhere close to you. This is out of the fear that the other guy would get you before he does, and he would lose you which is quite unacceptable to him.

6. He tries to impress you

The guy would go to every possible extent to impress you. Whether it would be to follow the right etiquette, change his style of dressing to suit your tastes or wear the perfume you like. He would make all possible efforts to charm you. He would try his best to create a good image about himself in your mind. Watch out for the little things he does just for you, like getting lunch over for you or lending his coat on a chilly afternoon.

7. He listens to your conversations very attentively

You would never have to repeat the same thing twice if a guy is really interested in you. Every time you say something, you would find him literally hanging on to every word you speak. He would not only be patient and listen to you but would also remember small details from your conversation. To impress you further he would implement some of these things to make you feel good.

8. He always appears unexpectedly wherever you are

This may come across to be crazy, but when a guy likes you, he would do all in his capacity to be in the same place as you are. Though he may pretend being in the same place as a coincidence, the reddening of his face when he first sets his eyes on you is a sure give-away. Though some girls would term this as stalking, it’s a guy-thing to show his feelings in this way.

9. He stands up for you when you aren’t around

If a guy cannot tolerate a single word said wrongly about you, then you can be sure that he likes you. He would stick up for you not just when you are around, but also when you are not around. He would even disagree with his close pals when it comes to you. This is another alpha-male quality.

10. He goes an extra mile to spend time with you

When a guy likes you, he would love spending time with you. He would try his best to make all his plans in such a way that he gets to spend more of his time with you. He would go out of the way to be with you, even if that means giving his other important work a miss. If he genuinely likes you, he would never let you know that he had other plans. He would get to wherever you ask him to come, even if he hates the place.
Though telling whether a guy likes you or not is difficult, it would be a fulfilling effort from your end as you would get a green signal to take things to another level. However, each individual is not alike and each of the signs would differ from person to person.

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