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10 Things You Should Do To Enhance The Romance

10 Things You Should Do To Enhance The Romance
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Most relationships face a certain lack of freshness after a few years. This happens because couples get into a routine and they forget to give their relationship the required attention. Romantic weekend getaways are replaced by pending office assignments and sweet nothings are replaced by TV sitcoms. If this sounds like you, the list below will help to rekindle the fire in your relationship that you have lost:

1. Do fun things together

Do you think that fun and romance are two separate things? Well, you are wrong. Most people make this mistake of planning their fun activities separately from their romantic time outs. Merge the both of them and see how well it works.

2. Get each other gifts

You don’t need an occasion to gift your partner. It could be a small inexpensive box of chocolates or a diamond necklace. Anything that says that you care for him/her will be perfect.

3. Give each other surprises

This doesn’t necessarily need to be a boxed gift. It can be a surprise breakfast in bed or a surprise picnic with friends. As far as you lull yourself out of the routine, any good surprise will enhance the romance in your relationship.

4. Unexpected compliments

If you compliment your beau when he or she is dressed up and is looking good, that is an expected thing to do. But if you shower your beau with compliments (especially in front of others) when they are in their night pyjamas and not expecting it, a compliment will come to them as a fresh whiff of romance.

5. Take a walk

How long has it been since you both took a walk in the garden barefoot? Take off your shoes today and take a walk in the garden whilst sipping lemonade. You will realise how simple the good old times were! Make this a routine.

6. No Internet zone

If you notice closely, you will find that you waste away a lot of time on computer chatting with your friends online. This is the quality time that actually belongs to you and your partner. Keep an Internet free time zone with your partner so that your romance isn’t interrupted by constant pings on your screen.

7. Watch romantic films together

Watching good ol’ romances together can rekindle the spice in your relationship. Order romantic films and schedule screening of one movie every weekend. See how the films work magic on your love life.

8. Set up a bed of roses

Sounds like this is a scene from a movie? Well, so be it then! Movies are made to inspire life and you should take a clue from that. Strengthen your love life by setting up roses in your bedroom and letting in the fragrance spread throughout the whole house.

9. Set up weekly dinner dates in each other’s calendars secretly without their knowing

Imagine how much fun this could be. Let your beau open his or her diary and find a pleasant surprise of a lunch date with you. It’s the surprise that will enhance the romance.

10. Join a dance class

Even if you have two left feet, go and sign up for a salsa or a jazz dance class. Your objective of signing up for lessons is not only to learn the art of dancing but more so to get close and hot with each other.
Only if you induce romance in your everyday life, it will work. Giving gifts once in a while or setting up elaborate holidays work only for a short term.

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