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8 Questions A Guy Must Never Ask A Girl

8 Questions A Guy Must Never Ask A Girl
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We had previously suggested some funny as well as random questions you girls could ask a guy. Now let’s turn the tables around and delve into what questions guys should never ask a girl. You all know there are those outright silly questions you’ve been asked or questions that make you visibly cringe. Here is a list compiled of the questions that a guy should never ever ask a girl.

1. Are you sure that looks good on you?

This question is sure to start an epic battle. Girls love to dress and they choose their outfits and accessories with meticulous care. Also, anything negative said about their looks makes them touchy. So if a guy asks a girl anything like that then he is about to get a sound hearing from her. Isn’t he?

2. Are you a virgin?

No girl on this planet wants to hear this from anyone – be it her boyfriend, husband, friend (a BFF would maybe do). But if a guy asks her questions about her virginity or something close to that, then he is bound to have a ride in hell. This is obvious as girls don’t like to answer such questions that intrude their privacy.

3. Don’t you think you should join the gym?

Some girls are exceptionally thin while some others fall on the chubby side. Nevertheless, she will complain on how not-so-happening her body is. Girls somehow have a natural tendency to be never satisfied with their bodies. So if they want a practical approach, this question seems right. But if a guy commits the mistake of suggesting to join the gym, he will surely get into an argument.

4. Can I borrow some money from you?

The basic premise of a relationship is that the guy is supposed to take care of a girl in all ways possible- emotionally, physically and most important of all, financially. The girl thinks that he will provide for her in all situations. This doesn’t mean she is totally dependent on him, but just this knowledge that a guy is there for her makes her feel more secure. So getting this question from a guy topples all her beliefs.

5. Are you really that stupid or are you pretending to be one?

Oh God! This one’s a killer. If any guy questions a girl on her level of intelligence, he’s going to be involved in a bitter argument or even a big fight. Both of these will hamper his present relation with the girl or any probable relation he was planning to have.

6. Did you notice the pimple on your cheek?

A girl doesn’t like to be reminded about her anomalies and serious ‘pimple issues’. She knows she has a problem and a guy is doing no good by reminding her the same. But if a guy doesn’t want to make matters worse, then he should stay put and just ignore that pimple or mole or whatever little problem she has on her face.

7. I’m surprised on how much you can really eat. How do you manage it?

This is a downright insulting and way too personal question to ask a girl. It’s her choice, her stomach and her appetite. A girl hates being asked this question. Just as a girl generally doesn’t ask a guy,’ Hey, how can you guzzle so many pints of beer, dude?’, they shouldn’t be asking a girl how much more or how less she eats.

8. Do you mind telling me your earnings?

This question again qualifies as a top grade personal question that a guy should never ask a girl. Firstly, it’s none of his business how much a girl earns or doesn’t earn. So a guy should definitely steer clear of asking that to her.
Have you ever been asked one of these by a guy? We hope not!

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